Thursday, 28 March 2013

Projects I am working on currently MARCH 2013

Hi there,

I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth, nope, I have been busy working on lots of projects! I cannot complain though as it's been lots of fun (and hard work!), but I must admit it is so refreshing to have a variety of different projects to get my teeth into.

A few examples:
I was recently asked by one of the UK's top freight forwarding companies to help them with a few of their websites and naturally I said Yes! Naming no names (as per their own request) this company boasts over 400 websites and I look forward to working with them again in the near future and to hopefully building a long term relationship with them, too.

The creator of the fansite Onesie got in touch with me and requested that I become a contributor to the site, dedicated to everything OnePiece. Of course I accepted as hey, who doesn't love the Onesie? Anyway, I swiftly got on with writing a blog about OnePiece's funky new Spring/Summer 2013 collection and here it is if you want to take a look:

Words written by me (pictures not mine!):

I am hoping to be a regular blogger to this site so watch out for more posts written by me, Hannah Chesterfield of Purple Bubble Writing!!
An ongoing project:

Every week London's top Speed Dating hosts, Dateinadash, receive two blog posts written by me on anything and everything to do with London Speed Dating. As well as creating lots of new pages of search engine tuned content for their site, the blog posts are really helping with the site's ranking on the search engines and I couldn't be happier! (And they all seemed chuffed to bits too, so win, win I'd say!)


More details to follow...........

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Is your website or online store delivering what you think it should?

Is your website or online store delivering what you think it should?

Build your online presence - one bite at a time.

Perhaps you aren't getting enough traffic and customers or don't seem to be appearing in search engines like Google?

We all know that there's a wealth of potential online, but there's so many elements to running a successful online store or website that it can become positively daunting...

Once upon a time, in a simpler pre-Facebook world, it was easy to generate business online; just post a basic webpage and count the hits! These days though, competition is fierce. Even many small businesses have dedicated online management and first-class web campaigns.

An online presence can be an excellent method of building your business but can also pose many challenges, especially where time and resources are limited. Today, an effective web presence could include:

·         Creating and maintaining a website

·         Ensuring mobile device compatibility
·         Ensuring your website ranks well with search engines
·         Maintaining partner relationships
·         Managing pay-per-click and other advertising campaigns
·         Managing multiple sales channels - eBay, Google shopping etc
·         Keeping in touch with customers through email and other methods
·         Maintaining a social media presence

At Purple Bubble Writing I can help with every aspect of building and maintaining an effective and viable web presence through words! No can do on the design front (but I have a sister who is a web designer in Devon!) but I can help you with all of your copywriting needs wherever you are in the UK!

I can work with just about any budget, generate new or revised search engine tuned content, blog posts, social media copy, helping you to maintain your online presence.

I'd love to discuss how I can help your business - please contact me any time and discover how Purple Bubble Writing can transform your online offering, today!

Have a lovely evening,

Hannah xXx

Friday, 18 January 2013

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a great website is only one part of the story; to be successful people also need to be able to find it!There are many ways to promote your website but one of the major sources of traffic is internet search engines such as Google and Bing.

It could be expected that search engines would provide the majority of traffic to a new website – perhaps 80% or 85% - so it’s critical to give your website the best chance of being found.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of enhancing your website’s performance in search engines.

At Purple Bubble Writing I recommend that SEO forms a major component of your website's promotional budget.

Pay-per-click and other advertising campaigns can provide an immediate response but the benefits are offset against the transitory nature of this spend; there is no lasting benefit to your business beyond the leads which it may have generated.
Applying sound search engine optimisation practices to your website enhances your website quality and develops it as an asset for your business - a sustained return on investment.

So why wait?

With various factors impacting the cost and effectiveness of an SEO campaign please speak me, Hannah Chesterfield, about your requirements if you have any questions.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Your website is a marketing tool; use it!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Your website is not a fashion accessory – it’s a marketing tool.  And it must deliver a return on investment.
Sadly, there are more poorly performing websites than there are effective ones.  And the bottom line is … if your site isn’t optimised, it won’t work.

If you’re not convinced, think about your car.  If you don’t fill it with petrol, you can’t go anywhere in it.  Your website is the same.  Instead of petrol, a website needs ‘Google juice’ to get it started and keep it running.  And like a tank of petrol, SEO doesn’t last forever.  You have to keep your tank topped up.

Copywriting and its role in SEO

Copywriting plays a vital role in your website’s optimisation.  Make no mistake – SEO copywriting is a highly skilled job and one best left to the experts.

A good SEO copywriter understands what keywords are, how and where they should be used, and the impact they can have on your website.

Ask the question: “Who is the most important visitor to your website – the search engine ‘spiders’ or human visitors?” 

The answer is predictable: the search engine spiders. 

Wrong answer. 

I’ve yet to meet anyone who has sold their products or services to robotic computer software programmes.

This means to work properly, your copy has to be written for your human audience and to satisfy the search engines.  This takes skill and experience. I regularly see websites which have been ‘optimised’ by unskilled writers. 

Instead of being a powerful message which is easy to read and understand, it becomes a jumble of keywords which make no sense to the human reader.

Keeping your SEO tank topped up

As I said above, your SEO doesn’t last forever.  While your site might perform well today, if you don’t keep it updated with fresh keyword-rich content, you’ll find it drops down the rankings tomorrow.

So, if you need help in transforming your website content; either a total rewrite or a quick refresh, contact Hannah Chesterfield @ Purple Bubble Writing, Bridport, Dorset XXX

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Target audience: do you know yours?

Whether you are a new start up or an established business, unless you know exactly who your target market is and where they are, all the marketing effort in the world will not work. You need to evaluate your target regularly to make sure you are aiming your message in the right direction. So who are you targeting?

It may seem a silly question but do you know who your ideal client is? Are they male or female, how old are they, what problems do they need solving and why do they need you to solve them for you? These are the questions you should have already asked yourself before you started promoting and searching for your clients.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you know exactly who you are marketing too and where to find them. If they are business orientated, you need to be utilising Linked In, but depending on their niche, they will no doubt be using one of the many other social media platforms to network.

Use this tool in every aspect of promoting and marketing your business as it will help you keep focused on the clients you are looking for and stop you wasting your precious time on area’s that are not going to work.

Need help with marketing your business with blog posts, search engine tuned articles or fresh and relevant content for your website? Speak with me, Hannah Chesterfield at Purple Bubble Writing to see how I can help you.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Why Web Copywriting is a Bit Like Plastering

…. it looks easy, but try it yourself and you’ll struggle to get a perfect finish.

You’re looking at your website and thinking …it’s time it had a makeover, so you happily hire a web designer to do the design and development work for your new site.

You quickly realise that web design work is expensive so you try and reduce the project cost by writing the copy for the new website yourself.

  Does this sound like you? Happy to spend lots of money on web design because you can’t do it yourself, but keen to write the copy because that’s the easy part, right?


The uncomfortable truth is that too many business websites fail to meet the basic expectations of their customers and it’s often poor writing that is to blame. If the information on a website is poorly written, badly organised or just hard to find this is a sure-fire way to drive potential customers away.

Writing website copy is best left to a web copywriting specialist such as Purple Bubble Writing because it requires creativity, structure and considerable care and attention to detail. There are also a quite a few tricks of the trade, just as there are with plastering!

But I don’t want to go giving all my secrets away now, do I?! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Dorset Art & Craft Show, Dorchester welcomes Lyn Lewis of Wood Craft Creations

I hope you don't judge me, but one of my favourite things to do this time of year is to make a cuppa (milk, no sugar), get some biscuits (just a few..although........given half a chance..... let's be honest!), a DVD and my PJ’s and be all cosy with the heating on.

Oh, I do love a biscuit love-in!  Yeah, OK I admit it- I love the blustery winter nights of November, but on many a day, I wish was somewhere nice and hot like......hmmm, let me think about it......South Africa maybe?

South Africa; a country boasting beautiful scenery and a wide range of wild animals, and the home country of Lyn Lewis of Wood Craft Creations of Dorset.

Here at Purple Bubble Writing, I am so excited about Lyn as a new craft creator and gift maker .  Lyn makes impressively finished, original decoupage jewellery, decoupaged tissue boxes and trinket boxes, all focusing on themes about South African animals and landscapes. Simply put, they make for the perfect gifts.  Also on offer and just in time for Christmas, Lyn offers a wide range of beautifully decorated Christmas candles, all highlighting the stunning art of decoupage. All items are handcrafted at her home in Burton Bradstock near Bridport, Dorset.

As well as the obvious influences of South Africa, Lyn also draws inspiration from vintage and floral themes as seen in the wildlife and countryside here in England.  Creating a naturalistic yet quirky feel with her work by denoting animals, flowers and birds, her designs reflect the beautiful scenery of nature of both South Africa and Britain.  Sourcing all of her materials from the UK and as locally as she can, Lyn’s dream is to devote all of her time to designing, developing and making her decoupage ranges (whilst having a menagerie of animals to look after, a husband and three children!)

Lyn explains that her aim is to: ‘create
a truly crafted collection of stunning decoupage pieces with a focus on detail that makes my decoupage gifts truly unique’.  Price is also an important factor for Lyn who strives to deliver handcrafted decoupage products that are affordable to all and which should last a lifetime.  Here at Purple Bubble Writing, I love, and I mean seriously LOVE, all manner of homemade and handcrafted gifts, especially jewellery, and I am super duper excited about my new friend, Lyn Lewis at Wood Craft Creations.  An original, quirky and fun artist using the French art of decoupage to deliver sensational products for family and friends, alike. What more could you wish for?

Want a chance to see Lyn’s collection of stunning decoupaged items?

Why not pop along to The Corn Exchange in Dorchester, Dorset on Saturday 8th December 2012 and meet Lyn in person.
Entry is free and Lyn will be available between 10am- 4pm to help you find a perfect treat for yourself or a truly unique gift for a friend or loved one.

Contact: to view a range of items available to buy online.

Bye for now, Hannah xxx