Thursday, 7 March 2013

Is your website or online store delivering what you think it should?

Is your website or online store delivering what you think it should?

Build your online presence - one bite at a time.

Perhaps you aren't getting enough traffic and customers or don't seem to be appearing in search engines like Google?

We all know that there's a wealth of potential online, but there's so many elements to running a successful online store or website that it can become positively daunting...

Once upon a time, in a simpler pre-Facebook world, it was easy to generate business online; just post a basic webpage and count the hits! These days though, competition is fierce. Even many small businesses have dedicated online management and first-class web campaigns.

An online presence can be an excellent method of building your business but can also pose many challenges, especially where time and resources are limited. Today, an effective web presence could include:

·         Creating and maintaining a website

·         Ensuring mobile device compatibility
·         Ensuring your website ranks well with search engines
·         Maintaining partner relationships
·         Managing pay-per-click and other advertising campaigns
·         Managing multiple sales channels - eBay, Google shopping etc
·         Keeping in touch with customers through email and other methods
·         Maintaining a social media presence

At Purple Bubble Writing I can help with every aspect of building and maintaining an effective and viable web presence through words! No can do on the design front (but I have a sister who is a web designer in Devon!) but I can help you with all of your copywriting needs wherever you are in the UK!

I can work with just about any budget, generate new or revised search engine tuned content, blog posts, social media copy, helping you to maintain your online presence.

I'd love to discuss how I can help your business - please contact me any time and discover how Purple Bubble Writing can transform your online offering, today!

Have a lovely evening,

Hannah xXx

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