Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Volunteer to write for another blog to get your blogging mojo back

Do you ever struggle to come up with ideas for a blog post?

If you're like me, you probably suffer from ebbs and flows in inspiration and motivation. Even when I have a good idea, I don't always have enough writing mojo left at the end of the day to translate it into great copy.

On other days I can put 500 or more words on the page before I realise I haven't really said anything, or anything that hasn't already been said about a million times. It's not writer's block; it's more like blogging fatigue.

If you're going through a rough patch with your blog, why not volunteer to write for another blog?
Guest posting or contributing to a crowd sourced blog is a great way to generate enthusiasm for blogging again. I find when I'm writing for a different audience, I'm more alert to what I'm doing and I spend more time refining my ideas.

There's almost always collaboration with the blog owner or an editor which helps, too. Blogging is often a solitary exercise but working with other people on a post often pays dividends in the motivation department.

Consistently producing quality content on your blog can wear you out. The best bloggers employ special techniques to get them back into a blogging groove.  Maybe guest blogging will get your blogging mojo back!?
Good luck and good night,

Hannah Chesterfield,

Dorset Copywriter and Website/ SEO writer

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