Monday, 26 November 2012

What is copywriting?

What better way to start a blog about the art of copywriting than with the definition of copywriting?
Almost every time I talk to someone about what I do I get asked the same questions : What is copywriting? What does a copywriter do? What do you write about?….So I decided to clear things up:).

The simplest definition I have found so far is that copywriting is the use of words  to promote a business, a product, a person, an idea or opinon (or anything you can think of).  While I agree with it, I still feel like this definition is like a recipe that’s missing the main ingredient. Yes, copywriting refers to promoting certain things, but what’s the purpose of all that promotion?

That’s right! The purpose is to persuade readers into buying what we sell, make them click on that banner, read our article and afterward e-mail it to their friends saying how great it is and so on. Copywriting is all about being persuasive and delivering a message!

That being said, here’s my own little definition of copywriting:

Copywriting is both the art and science of promoting in writing: a person, a business, a product, an idea or opinion  with the purpose of delivering a message to its target audience and persuading the reader into taking a specific action.

There you have it! Now tell me what you think about it or, even better, what’s your definition of copywriting?
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